Why Roadwalker? Where did that come from? Am I trying to prove something here?


Here’s the thing: I’ve always liked roads. I loved cars at an early age and the road held a great excitement for me. The very road outside my home connected to the main street, which connected to the adjoining highway, then interstate freeways. I could touch the road at the curb outside my house and be touching roads all over the continent.

And Walker? It’s about not being in a hurry. Survey what’s around and take the necessary time to be real. I can’t speed up time by hurrying, I can only miss things. Walk forward.

In the end, all we have is ourselves to move through life. No fancy cars can take on on the road we’re talking about here. Walk the road, a road of possibility and hope.

Underneath the Roadwalker title of my blog, I will have a subheading that’s my call to action. I’m still thinking about it and I want it to be significant and communicate what I believe. I caught a glimpse of it this morning when I was lying in bed thinking about how 6am came and went without me getting up to write. Something came to my mind and I reached for a pen and paper next to my bed and wrote it down. That little seed may be the anchor of my mission statement, my call to action.

Your call to action is this: At some time today or later this week, slow down a moment and look around. Find something you would have missed had you not stopped. Write about what you saw and share it here in the comments, either as a link to your blog or even a few paragraphs in the comment box.

Let’s see if by next week my mission statement has solidified. Until then, be open to possibilities.



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