The Truthful Soul

reading-a-book Ask me about the most moving things I’ve ever read, and I won’t mention any established authors. They come from people who care. I’ve saved countless notes from my wife. The words touched me. My daughter wrote a note in a father’s day card, nothing flowery, just straight truth. She told me what she believed about me, that I’ve shaped her life. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever read, and it was the simple truth from her heart.

That’s what good writing is. Straight truth from the marrow of your soul that expresses who you are and what you passionately believe. Yes, writing is hard work, but if you’re human, you have to be passionate about something. Let us know that in no uncertain terms and no meaningless distraction.

I met a friend last week that I hadn’t seen for 31 years. We’d been friends from middle school to high school and had the ups and downs most friends that age can have. But when we sat down to talk after three decades, it was like we’d been apart only a day and aged overnight. Why am I sharing this? Because we were always open and truthful with each other. We shared struggles, said things nobody else knew. And even though my friend was not an author, he wrote something in my yearbook that has stayed with me all this time. He would be moving away after high school and we knew we might not see each other again. I couldn’t think of anything significant to say, but he did.

Thanks for showing me what friendship is.

This is good writing. It was honest, from the heart, and unforgettable. Is this the kind of writing you want to produce? Tap into your heart of hearts. It’s there.

Your homework this time is this: Write a letter to someone who you want to say something significant to. It could be a thank you letter or a love letter. I caution you against ranting in anger or expressing hate. But write something from your heart and say the most truthful things you can. When you’re done, post a comment here with a link to your blog or where we can read it.

I hope this exercise is not only good writing, but good for your soul.





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